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Dana Hills Freshmen Tryout Final Cut List 23/24 



Arsen Boehne                 

Alex Brown                 

Charlie Chiaverini             

Shane Forsell                 

Shayan Ganjavi             

Ismail Hamza 

Mark Horvath 

Gavin Kim 

Emiliano Martinez 

Chris McFadden 

Alex Mejia 

Juan Mejia 

Gunnar Neubauer 

Oswaldo Pinto 

Rhett Reynolds 

AJ Reynosa 

Anthony Rivera 

Rayan Salama 

Logan Tortomasi 

Jake Wood 

Aiden Woodward

Branden Bross
Malachi Solorzano
Jacobi Zarate 

Xavier Euyoque  

 Lupe Gomez 

 Grady Merwin 

 Angel Ortiz 

 Ryan Rittichier 

Jack Norman

Your names will be given to guidance to change your 5th period to soccer.  

Once your schedule has been changed you will be expected to be at practice at 1:35 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

On Mondays, we meet above the stadium on the lunch tables during soccer class.  

F/S will report to the Golden Lantern Field. JV to the stadium. 

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